Improving Environmental Performance & Reducing Urban Heat Islands


Imbaba. Giza Governorate, northern Egypt.
It’s being built on agri-land, land that has been used improperly on natural environment and ecological landscape planning, by illegal sub-divisions since the 1950’s. Today, this is a highly dense area, stressed by climate change and thereby “urban heat island phenomenons”. This describes the enormous heat of such environments, rising from rural surroundings.
Though over 1Million people have to manage to live and work in this kind of conditions, there’s minimal attention on environmental aspects.

For now, the goals trying to be achieved with the “Cairo Project” are reducing unconventional areas & unorthodox growth and improving & upgrading living conditions by solving the problem of heat. 
Egyptian team principle investigator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Heba Khalil and German team principle investigator Prof. Dr. Kosta Mathey and their teams met to develop a research project. Through discussions, meetings and fieldwork, they are raising the attention of locals on topics like climate change & increasing heat stress. 

The whole project began in November 2014 and until today they’ve did many investigations, site visits,- surveys and- measurements, trainings, discussions, community outreaches and meetings with the governor to establish a solid plan which can be realized.