Open Mind Places

Architektur Galerie Berlin
30. October 2020 – 7. January 2021


“Mindfulness towards nature, openness and respect towards other people and the question of the purpose of one’s own life are the key points of the Open Mind Places. What are my goals? How can I sort and reflect on my thoughts? Distinguish between the important and unimportant? When and where do I get to think about it?
We took these questions as an opportunity to develop this community project for my hometown Referinghausen. It consists of nine near-natural follies that invite visitors to pause, reflect and exchange ideas. Since this is a low-budget project, the stations were designed as simple constructions made of local materials. All follies were erected on a voluntary basis with the help of my family, local residents and craftsmen friends.“

Christoph Hesse (Quote: Exhibiton opening speech, Architektur Galerie Berlin, 2020)