Hanseplatz 1

Location: Korbach

Typology: Residential, commercial, offices

Area: 7500 sqm

Status: Completed 2013

Materials: Bricks

The residential and commercial building Hanseplatz 1 is one of six completed edifices of the “Hanseplatz Quartiers”, which was developed in 2013 in the Hanseatic city of Korbach Located on a strategic node among different parts of the city (pedestrian areas, old city, traffic roads) and close to the train station the complex is easily accessible, both by car and by foot.
The commercial ground floor is directly connected with a big parking lot, public areas, residential and smaller commercial buildings. The structure, composed of different cubes, shapes the building mass with the aim of reacting to the standard volumes of the surrounding constructions. A balanced tension between open and closed areas is ensured by an alternating number of floors, the dynamic roof structure, the incisions on the entrance portals and the winter gardens.
Facades with a lively surface: due to the construction´s central location, it was of significant importance to commensurate to the urban fabric and interact with the surrounding. The selected hand-shaped clinker has a vibrant and bright surface. In order to visually separate the individual building cubes from one another, the color of the joints is alternately light or dark. 

Photo credits:
©Cornelia Surhan

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan