Window House

Location: Korbach

Typology: Residential, health care

Area: 1230 sqm

Status: Completed 2016

Materials: Bricks, plaster

This project is one of six completed edifices of the “Hanseplatz Quartiers”, which was developed in 2013 in the Hanseatic city of Korbach. Located on a strategic node among different parts of the city (pedestrian areas, old city, traffic roads) and close to the train station the pavilions are easily accessible, both by car and by foot. 
The particular challenge of the construction was to reconcile the spatial requirements and the complex shape of the property. Urban plots are rarely easy to build on. Historically conditioned cuts, right of way, public easement and distance rules often lead to unusual shapes. In this case, due to the internal and external conditions, a trapezoidal building shape emerged, which self-confidently cantilevers over the entrance courtyard and benches towards the sides.
In order to sculpt the volume as much as possible, sections such as the cantilever over the entrance were constructed using reinforced concrete. The client deliberately chose a white structure on a gray pedestal, as this is the best way to bring the lively shape of the building and the harmonious contrast of the solid oak door and the wooden panel next to the stairwell window into effect.


Photo credit:
©Christoph Hesse Architects

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan
3rd floor plan