Villa F

Location: Medebach

Typology: Biogass plant headquarters, residential

Area: 180 sqm

Status: Completed 2015

Materials: Mudstone, Bricks, Wood

The Villa F is located in Titmaringhausen, a small remote village in Sauerland.  The owner, together with his father, is a pioneer of biogas technology in Germany. The programmatic planning consists of two units, on the ground floor are the service rooms of the biogas plant located close by and in the loft-like upper floor is the living space of the family. A whirlpool with the view to the landscape is client´s favourite place.
The round shape was chosen for its energy-efficiency properties, inspired by the biogas plant shape. Energy-efficiency and environmental protection are the main elements of the design. Through the exemplary ecological nature of this residence, the whole village decided to hook up to the local-heating-grid of the company. The client´s close relationship to nature is also reflected through the self-designed stone façade.

Photo credits:
©Christoph Hesse Architects

Site plan
Ground floor plan
1st floor plan