Terrace house

Location: Medebach

Typology: Living & Working

Area: 450 sqm

Status: Expected 2021

Materials: Bricks, plaster

Located in the small village Deifeld, Medebach, the plot presents a steep slope. To interfere with the natural topography as little as possible was the main challenge of this project. Three volumes are connected through an exterior staircase, two of them of single floor height imbedded into the ground on different levels of the parcel. The lower one creates a podium for the third two- storey volume, while also forming the main entrance and the terrace.
The volumetric expression of the design is also reflected on the layout. Due to the high declivity of the area, the project consists of three levels. On the ground floor there is the garage, laundry room, storage and an office. The living spaces were lifted onto the upper floors, providing privacy from the street and an exceptional view over the landscape. Detached from the dailyjoint activities of the inhabitants, the private areas are located inside a separated volume, slightly shifted from the axes of the living spaces, offering a more privileged view over the landscape.
Inspired by the natural environment, the existence of terraces on multiple levels was a natural conclusion. We imagined a possibility of the common spaces on the first floor to open completely towards nature. The terraces on different levels allow the clients to enjoy the peaceful landscape, while pursuing individual or joint interests.

-1st floor plan
Ground floor plan
1st floor plan