House Ke

Location: Sachsenhausen

Typology: Residential

Area: 380 sqm

Status: Completed 2020

Materials: Bricks, Plaster

Situated on a corner plot in the town of Sachsenhausen House Ke consists of three intersected volumes. The outline of the building is decided by the diagonal arrangement and the placement of three cubes, which are crowned by a diagonally pitched roof. With the shape and height of each roof differentiating, a distinct atmosphere is provided in each volume.

Our spatial concept was the volumetric expression to correspond the functions. Therefore, garage and other utility spaces are placed inside the short volume, the highest volume offers space for the children’s rooms and a second floor dedicated to a working and playing area. With the central one storey volume opening up towards the garden and the landscape it creates a bright and spacious atmosphere for daily joint activities.

Photo credits:
©Christoph Hesse Architects

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan