Villa Sa

Location: Sachsenhausen

Typology: Residential

Area: 250 sqm

Status: Completed 2019

Materials: Plaster, Bricks

Villa Saure is the result of a close collaboration between the client and the architect. The concept is structure that provides a balance between joint activities and individual interests. Therefore, the rectangular ground floor serves as communal area with a direct access to the garden.
Space to retreat is provided in the upper floor. The owners asked for more personal spaces, enriched by a common area where they can work. Four symmetrical volumes clearly define the private rooms on the outside and inside, seeming to fly over the solid ground floor.
The building is located at the intersection of two streets on a hillside. Thanks to the position, the owners can enjoy a wide view to the landscape, a close contact with nature and good natural lighting conditions, the latter is further accentuated by the white facades.


Photo credit:
©Marc Saure
©Christoph Hesse Architect

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan