EWF Entrance Hall

Location: Korbach

Typology: Office, showroom

Area: 950 sqm

Status: Expected 2022

Materials: Bricks, Plaster

The new Entrance Hall replaces the existing largely glazed pavilion, providing more internal space for consulting and office use, expansion that was necessary due to the constant growth of the company.
The proposal adopts existing elements inspired by the company´s logo transforming them into an inviting gesture.
The volume has a two- storey structure and is connected to the existing main building on each floor. Offices and meeting rooms are pushed to the outer wings, allowing a double height foyer with a light- flooded façade and large roof windows to be the focus.
On the ground floor there is the entrance foyer, the information area, with some consulting rooms for clients and offices. The upper level houses more offices and a big meeting room accessible directly from the first floor of the main building. Visual node point is the two- storey atrium, which the operational process is circulating around.

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan