House of Endless Landscape

Atelier Alter

The landscape of the site comes from all around, views from afar gradually merge into views nearby. Through seasons, moments of wilderness come into our “involuntary memory,” (Marcel Proust) and impact the way we project ourselves into the space. The exchange, between exterior landscape – our inner self what we create, is what comprise the circle of life and work. An elliptical structure is created to mediate between our inner self and the panoramic landscape.
The architecture is wraparound by a double skin wall that breathes, with circulating path meandering between the two skins. From the interior, the exterior landscape has never stopped. It comes in and fades away. While the stationary spaces of living, sleeping and working are animated by layers of exterior skins with overlapping perforations, the circulating path suspends the body in the residual space between reality and illusion. Landscape and body encounter in space spontaneously. Along with the life and work it brings, the architecture, dissolve gradually into the eternal landscape of Lake Ederesee.
This one-family home has two stories. On the 1 floor are living,-dining and working areas as well as a kitchen and a restroom. Through a spiral staircase one succeeds to the 2. floor. Here is the bedroom, a bathroom and an open deck.