The Open House 

Christoph Hesse Architects

From being rooted within the earth, to an architecture without walls, to reaching within and above the tree canopy, the house oscillates between being introspective and externally facing.
One dives into the building through an exterior staircase, as one would enter into the silence of a forest. In the lower level, individual experiences the smell of earth, the light of the sun, and the dripping of the rain entering the vertical shafts.
The ground level is an open room without walls. This collective space offers protection, shade and a refreshing breeze.
The upper floor provides room to work, to talk, and to think. The rooftop pond collects rainwater for a natural habitat of diverse plants that grow around and inside the house over time.
The Open House aims to connect people to nature, individually and collectively through using elemental forms and the elements of earth, wind, and water. Everyone is invited to inhabit this shelter to work and to live in. It is a space of slow and fundamental life.