The Open House

Location: Scheid, Waldeck

Typology: Living & Working

Area: 90 sqm

Status: Expected 2021

Materials: Stone & Wood

From being rooted within the earth, to an architecture without walls, to reaching into and above the tree canopy, the house oscillates between being introspective and externally facing. The Open House aims to connect people with nature, individually and collectively through using elemental forms and the elements of earth, wind, and water. Everyone is invited to seek out this shelter to work and live in. It is a space of slow and fundamental life. To enter The Open House, one dives through the staircase going underground and enters the space which smells like earth, is full of light and is filled with sounds of dripping water. The vertical shafts in the living part of the house fill it with experience and sense of nature. The room becomes a space for relaxation inspiring for a dialogue not only with the surroundings but yourself. The staircase in the corner leads straight up to the private working space. From there the view opens to the surrounding landscape, connecting the inhabitant with nature. The ground level is a room without walls. An open space offering shade, a refreshing breeze during summer and an invitation for joint activities.

Site plan
-1st floor plan
Ground floor plan
1st floor plan