Yin & Yang Hause


A life on a remote site asks for solutions of 2 different questions:
How can one create a harmony of working on the countryside and living on the countryside? How can one create a symbiosis of architecture and the surrounding nature, that both can profit from each other?
To address the first question, we were looking for a typlogy of architecture that seperates its functions, but also is able to connect them under one roof. Two half that form one entity. One part for living. The other for working. In harmony with each other. Like yin & yang.
The Yin & Yang house has 3 floors. On the ground floor there is a garage and an open office. Inside are kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and another workroom. On the upper floor are further living and working areas and access to the roof. The roof is a green roof with possibilities for planting.
To find a solution for the second question, we followed a principle to return the amount of land to nature, that was taken away from nature in order to build the house. By a series of planters we provide a roofgarden for the residents from Spring to Autumn and an parly encolsed greenhouse for the Wintermonths.
Living on the countryside offers many benefits and growing your own food and being independent from large supermarket chains is definitely one of them. This house portraits an example to live as part of the live-cycle of nature.