Villa O

Location: Ottlar 

Typology: Living & Working

Area: 500 sqm

Status: Expected 2022

Materials: Mud stone

The project is located in a quiet hill at the Ottlar village, between Brilon and Korbach. As a requirement from the client, the project should  have a contemporary expression. The location is very idyllic, so our first idea was to detach the volume as much as possible from the street, offering more privacy and better view over the landscape.
The design provides a clear proportioned building consisted of slabs and cubes. The cubes refer to the programmatic plan and each one forms a room that opens up to the surroundings. The main slab of the ground floor, that gently touches the soil, protrudes the outline of the cubes, creating outdoor living spaces. The slab of the first floor as well as the roof slab, overhang from the walls, offering a sculptured  architectural form.

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan