Location/Event: Kassel/documenta fifteen

Typology: Pavilion

Area: 32 sqm

Status: completed 2022

Materials: Textile, recycled wood

In cooperation with: Students and citizens from Kassel, Winterberg, Medebach, Versmold, Meschede, Korbach and Berlin, ruangrupa (curators of documenta fifteen) and students from Yale Universtiy

VOICES is a collective installation, part of documenta fifteen, against any form of hatred and discrimination. All people are invited to participate in order to lead the way for tolerance, diversity and solidarity. The outer shell consists of hundreds of t-shirts with different statements, as VOICES of resistance, love and hope.

Inside, a large, dark wedge is formed by many small wooden ones. They symbolize the countless messages of hate spread dail, which as a result divide people from each other. A dangerous “superpower” can come together from many small wedges. We face this danger resolutely and in solidarity. The diagonal struts of the resistance prevent the wedge from falling. At the back of the installation there is an open space of communication and friendship, from which part of the dividing wedge has already been removed.