Villa K

Location: Medebach

Typology: Living & Working

Area: 250 sqm

Status: Completed 2016

Materials: Bricks

The orientation of the building is a homage to the surrounding nature. In the East lies a wide park to which the living- and bedrooms are oriented. Behind the house, to the West, a rising slope leads up to a hill called “Kahlen” with a small pilgrim chapel on top. The art and music interested clients asked for a curved and elegant form. The white of the façade underlines the sculptural impression of the building.
From the very beginning, the client was inspired by the play of light and shadow on the different volumes. Countless beautiful color gradients show up on the white surfaces according to the sun position and the season of the year. During wintertime the house looks almost apricot, whereas during the summer the steep sunlight underlines the contrast to the green of the surrounding.
The curved setbacks on both sides of the building separate the floor plan into three parts, starting with the most public one in the entrance zone. Music students of the landlord go directly into the exercise room without entering the private part of the house. In the center is the heart of the building, a two-level air space for the kitchen and the living space. In the third part of the house are the private bedrooms.

Photo credit:
©Guido Erbring

Site plan
Ground floor plan
1st floor plan