Living Garden House

KWK Promes

In experimental house we’ve decided to take it one step further. What if we brought the real garden with its living ecosystem into the house? What if the roof worked as a tree crown, protecting from the rain and diffusing sunlight? What would happen if we could sit, work and sleep underneath the tree, while enjoying convenience of being inside the house? What if we could live under the stars, like our forefathers?
In the experimental house functions are located in the garden on hybrid grass, giving the inhabitants a complete experience of living in nature. The roof structure consist of steel grid filled with intelligent glass, which reacts automatically to the change of light intensity – it lets trough the exact amount of sunlight, which protects house from overheating during the summer. In case of cloudy days or winter the glass becomes more transparent, always keeping the view on the sky. Repeatable module of the roof grid is designed to be multiplied and cover structures of variable surfaces. During the day, while we want to be in contact with the surroundings, the house can be opened completely and merge into the garden thanks to the sliding glass walls. In the evening, when we need more intimacyand sense of security, we can isolate the interior by closing sliding glass walls and external shade blinds, having in the same time undisturbed view on the sky trough the transparent roof.
An experimental house brings on a new quality of life – close to the nature and its variable rhythm of day and night as well as seasonal rhythm. This is the return to the lifestyle, which is the healthiest one to the human being, because it is the most natural. The use of solution – an intelligent skin consisting of dynamically reacting glass and living grass creates an optimal microclimate of the interior, considerably reducing the need for mechanical regulation of temperature or humidity. We believe that the future of architecture is… no architecture, or rather; with the use of advanced technologies it should evolve to be as unobtrusive as possible.