Stinessen Arkitektur

The conceptual idea for this building is a house that wraps itself around, and shelters, its owners while at the same time distributing the zones and individual rooms so that they enhance the awareness of living in harmony with nature.
The building is lifted gently above ground – emphasizing that the existing grassy field is left untouched. The living areas float just above the grass and eventually stretches up into the trees.
The fundamental idea of the layout is that all movement between rooms is a journey in nature. The public rooms of the house are laid out between the glass exterior facades and the glazed atrium at the centre of the building. The kitchen faces the access from the street, like a traditional kitchen window. The dining room area is set behind the stairway to the roof, which provides privacy. The lowered floor of the living room is cast in concrete to contrast the rest of the building and to underline the earthbound feeling. The private rooms are positioned on the opposite side of the atrium, which increases the privacy. To access these you actually need to step outside and cross the atrium. You access the office by ascending the stairs that lead to the roof, following the recessed pathway, which takes you around the atrium to the office. Exclusively from the office you can step out on an elevated terrace that take you to the treetops. The layout of the office gives an unobstructed and private view down to the lake. The slanting solid wall provides a backrest for the sofa benches and beds.
The living area limits have been utilized to the maximum, but only to provide a comfortable home for a full family – which to me seemed the most interesting brief within such strict limitations.
We envisage the construction of the building in CLT with the inner layer – which also become the interior surfaces – floor, walls and ceiling, in natural untreated oak. The outer cladding in cedar panelling will turn silver grey with time.