A House A Garden and A Life

Tatiana Bilbao

Nowadays everyone is connected by Internet, thinking together as one organism. But in this process of connecting with each other virtually, we have somewhere forgotten about our physical connection to one another and nature. Hence now it becomes important to connect our virtual life to the physical surroundings and enjoy it to the fullest. As Aristotle said “Human being is by nature a social animal.” It is essential to study living through our relationships; individual to family, family to friends and further to the community life. The house is hence a manifestation of various ways of doing the same activity and various emotions arising while performing them. It is a breathing organism, which opens out or closes; transforming according to the number of dwellers.
The result is a sum of six unique spaces, each of them with spatial characteristics closely linked to the activities happening inside them. The volumes are arranged in a spiral, where the more public of them lays in the ground and the most private is on top. A semi covered communal gathering space is created beneath the suspended volumes.
Our 21st century house aims to be flexible to transform itself according to the human necessity of being isolated yet communally connected and part of a larger process in the making of our world. We understand this making through daily mundane activities that we perform, trying to connect these activities to certain emotions that arise; and then developing a ways of life activity diagram, which further evokes the configuration of 6 strings of life: Connection with neighbors – Self – Communal & Collective – Semi- individuality – Temporariness – Family