J. Mayer H. und Partner

Segments is an experimental retreat for the immersion of life and work into nature. Located by the Edersee lake, the solid silhouettes stand seemingly next to each creating both, a protective exterior and a fluid interior topography that allocates the various programmatic elements.
Both end-sections of the house are open to nature and provide with direct morning and afternoon light as well as ventilation. Two sectional elements define the north and south of the building. The south section is flipped horizontally to create the main terrace and activity platforms, with a direct view towards the lake and the forest. The north section is detached from the main building and works as a discretion element and vertical screen that frames the back entrance. All segments are casted in concrete in the exterior and finished in timber in the interior, thus creating a warm, and close relationship between the natural elements on which the project sits and the high standards of a contemporary housing project. Segments aims to provide a flexible and cohesive way of living through the connection with a natural environment to those who prefer combining work and daily activities.
Based on a whole set of carefully designed sectional programmatic layers known as Segments, the combinatory composition of joining sectional slices allows for customized house programming and personalized interior layouts with flexible spatial options. The compact house offers a new strategy for living an individual work-life-balance, accommodating up to 5 residents in two levels and a total of 90 sqm, which configuration can be determined upon assembly.